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About you&yours

Finding Skin Care products that really cater the specific needs of your skin can become an exhausting and time consuming exercise. It gets even more difficult when your skin doesn’t seem to fit into the standards of the beauty industry, when you are dealing with a skin condition like eczema or similar, or if you have allergies.

At you&yours we know that. In fact we have developed you&yours because we have made the same experience. Our mission is to make it easier to find products that work for you.


We use customisation to create your very own formula. It sees you. It fits you. It’s yours.

We create
your personal
Body Butter Mousse

Plant based ingredients.
For all skin types.
Paraben free. Perfume free.


How it works

Step 1/3


Based on your skin goal, specific skin conditions and personal preferences we create the foundation for your perfect, personal formulation

Step 2/3


With your individual information we are able to formulate and produce the unique blend of ingredients for your skin. You’re in for a treat.

Step 3/3


Your order will be delivered straight to your door or you can collect it from our click&colllect locations. Your skin will never look back.


What our customers say about their orders

What is customised skin care?

Customised Skin Care in South Africa

Does Customised Skin Care help?

Customised Skin Care is still relatively new to the South African market. While there are a variety of brands that offer a personalised shopping experience and product recommendation, true customisation is rare and you&yours is the first brand that offers locally manufactured, organic, truly customised skin care in South Africa. At the moment we offer a customised Body Butter Mousse that comes in 3 different essential oil scents or without a scent. We are going to launch our next product soon and have many more planned. Please sign up to our newsletter to stay posted on new product releases.

Customised Skin Care can have huge advantages compared to mass produced skin care products. This however depends hugely on what products are being compared. There are absolutely fantastic, high quality off-the-shelf skin care products available in South Africa by a variety of brands. Africology, Skoon, Skin Creamery, Lulu&Marula, Shingai, just to name a few local beauty and cosmetic brands, are all very good products.

On the other hand, there are customised skin care brands out there, that use ingredients we don’t consider beneficial or good. Combining true customisation with high quality ingredients is probably the best way to make sure that your skin is truly happy and that all important factors are being considered. This is what we are doing at you&yours.

Product recommender vs. customisation

Is customised Skin Care worth it?

The difference between customisation and product recommendation is that, even though you might find similar quizzes during your shopping process, the one offers you a selection of products as a result, while with customisation you will receive a product that is formulated based on your answers. To simplify the difference, the product recommender resembles a well versed sales assistant in a store, while the customisation process resembles a skin care formulator or cosmetic chemist.

There is no straight forward answer to the question wether or not customised skin care is worth it or not. From a financial point of view, our products compete with other mid range skin care products that use similar, and in many cases less potent and valuable ingredients. Like many other industries, the cosmetic industry benefits a lot from brand popularity, and in the skin care segment from the fact that many consumers don’t know the properties of the ingredients that have been used. With you&yours you can always be sure to get the best organic ingredients at a fair price, and we do our best to keep you informed why we use which ingredient.

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